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Mike Pilgermayer

Singer Songwriter

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A Musical Journey

Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, singer-songwriter, Mike Pilgermayer discovered his love of music at a young age.  From guitar lessons with John Oates to opening up for the Guess Who?

His talent for both songwriting and collaborating with other artists gave him the opportunity to continue to strengthen his craft over the years. Rock, Jazz and Funk all played a part in shaping his music. 

In 2007, he released his album Settle & Rush with his band SoulQ followed by a solo album Cresting Hills in 2011, the same year in which he opened up for Don McLean. 

As a songwriter, Mike weaves moments and memories into melodies that are both beautiful and powerful. 

Off the heels of Jonatha Brooke’s songwriting workshop in Nashville, came the Fall 2017 release of his latest album, St. Victory, a true passion project come to life.

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